Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What I Wore

So, I am a huge sweats, t-shirt and hoodie fan. That is pretty much all I wore over the Christmas holiday. 

I decided that I should probably get a little more dressed up for school, and today, I thought I was lookin' pretty stylin'! I was so proud of myself :)

Excuse the windblown hair :)

Yellow Coat: Old Navy
Polka Dot Sweater: Old Navy (last season)
Scarf: Old Navy I think (many many years ago)
Skinny Jeans: H & M
Boots: Shoe Carnival (couple years ago)

Apparently I get a lot of stuff from Old Navy :)

Also, I think I cut in half almost 200 free bagels from Einsteins today. My hands were pretty interesting afterwards!
Gotta love free food days at the institute! :)

pleated poppy


  1. Really cute outfit. I love the graphic sweater with the colorful accessories.


  2. Love the polka dots! I'm mildly (ok totally) obsessed with polka dots! :)

    1. Oh, I really like polka dots as well! Who would have thought that circles of color would be so enjoyable?? :)

  3. Look at your darling yellow jacket! I'm in love.


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