Monday, February 14, 2011

My Opinion of Valentines Day

As some of you may know, I hate Valentines Day. And I don't just not like it, I think it is the STUPIDEST holiday that there is. I really just see no point to it. So this is my yearly rant about Valentines Day.

Some of you may call me a hater, but that is fine with me. Valentines Day was only created for the flowers, cards, chocolate, and jewelry companies to make money because business has gotten slow since Christmas. Also, shouldn't you love your spouse/boyfriend or girlfriend/partner/other half or whatever you want to call them every day? Does there have to be a set aside day to show that love? I feel the same about Mother's and Father's  Day. You should love them every day. Maybe I only feel this way because I am single, but I am pretty sure even when I am not, I will still feel like it is a useless holiday. 

While I do hate Valentines Day, there is one thing about it that I love.....
Yes, Conversation Hearts! I am addicted to them. And around Valentines Day is the only time you can buy them, especially in the very conveniently packaged 25 cent boxes at Smith's.

So, this morning when I came upstairs to eat breakfast before school, my mom had put out little valentines presents for all of us. While she doesn't like the holiday either, she still gets us a little something to "show her love" for us, but mostly cause it's just funny, cute little things. So what did I get???
Yep, Conversation Hearts. 4 boxes! My mom is the BEST!! 
Oh and she also got me this cute little bear and a shirt!

So, even though I did get these things from my wonderful Mama, I still hate Valentines Day. That is my official statement on the matter of the day. 

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  1. I too LIVE for conversation hearts. I think they should sell them year round.


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