Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Finals Week

Alas, it is Finals Week once again. So I am scrambling to remember/learn all of the chemistry from the semester. 

Thanksgiving/Disneyland Post Coming Soon. Here is a sneak peak:

But for now, it's study time!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Great Weekend, Start of a New Day

This post is a little overdue, but it's been a couple days in the writing, so oh well! Here goes...

This weekend was awesome! Saturday was a little bit crazy, but it was way fun! I had to work in the morning from 9:45am to 4pm and I was the only employee scheduled to work besides my bosses because it was Bingham Ball and West Jordan's Sadies or something, so a ton of our employees were busy with that, so hence I was the only one. It surprisingly wasn't too bad though. My boss let me leave at 3:30 so that I could make it up to the Utah Football Game faster, because kickoff was at 4:30. So I rushed home and changed into many layers, then headed on trax up to Rice Eccles Stadium, where it was snowing. Once I got to the game, I had a blast with my buds! We were all freezing, but it was an awesome game and the Utes dominated UCLA!
Someone built a snowman on the stands :)

The balloons that were let go during halftime to honor the soldiers :)

All of us freezing our butts off but having a great time!

Then after the game, I went to a free concert at the SLCC Jordan Campus to watch my good friend Ashley Gray's boyfriend's band play. It was their CD Release Party, so I also bought their CD. It is amazing!! I have probably already listened to the whole thing like 50 times just this week. I love it! The band's name is Argyle and the CD is called End of September. It is available on iTunes, and you can also order their CD on their band website, http://argylemusic.com/ Seriously, They are way good! 
Andrew (the singer) rockin' out!

Then, I was talking with Ashley and one of her and Andrew's friends and the friend gave me some really good advice. She told me about this YouTube video that her uncle (I think) had shown her, and it was totally what I needed in my life. Here is the video:  


So, ever since then when I have gotten insecure or scared to do something, I just tell myself to "Stop It" and then I move on. 
Because of this, on Monday I was walking through the institute and decided that I would stop and help set up for "Attitude of Gratitude Grilled Cheese Day" While doing this, I made some new friends, am now going to join one of the institute councils, and I talked to and became better friends with a boy that is in my institute class that I have had a secret crush on all semester :) 
It's the start of a new Becca, and I'm excited!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Late Night Break-down

I know it is late, but I just need to talk. Since I have no one to really talk to about things directly, this is the next thing that I can think of. 

I don't know what I am doing in my life. I thought that I did, but now, I really don't. At least not in my immediate life. Tonight, I was trying to figure out my schedule for next semester and nothing is working out. The guy that I met at the Pre-Nursing Info Meeting, and he told us to do things by email, hasn't answered any of my emails with questions about classes that I need to take and I need to sign up for classes next week. It is stressing me out, a lot. 

Then there is my job. I like it a lot, but I am not getting very many hours because of my school schedule being wacky and such. Also, I am only getting paid minimum wage, which is starting to be a problem, especially if I want to go to Nursing School in the future. With getting into Nursing School, I also really need to find a job in a hospital or doctor's office or something, which means that I need to get either my CNA, Phlebotomy license, or something like that, which will cost even more money...

I just really don't want to grow up right now. I still want to be dancing and having my biggest worry and stressor being if my ankle is going to hold up for competitions, or if our dances are clean enough. That is one of my true passions and I don't want to give it up right now. I just can't...but I don't know how I can still be on a team because of my age. 

Why can't I leave on my mission this coming spring, instead of a year from this spring?? It would make trying to plan my future so much easier! And I want to be out serving the Lord, just like all of my guy friends get to do right now. I feel like, I need a break from school right now. A mission would be a perfect break from it, because then when I came back, I could really be excited and appreciate it so much more again. 

I want to date. I think about it all the time, especially seeing couples walking around campus together. I mean, I don't really want a serious relationship right now because I want to go on my mission, but fun dating would be great. I just feel like such a loser a lot of the time because I do just go to school, then come right back home afterwards and then stay at home all night, go to bed, and then wake up the next day and do it all over again. And sometimes, It sucks. 

Well, I guess I really better go to bed now and hopefully tomorrow turns out better than I feel like today did.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Start of a Trend

So tomorrow is going to be a great day. 
Wanna know why?
Because the first one comes home.
The first what you ask? 
The first of my long list of friends on missions! 
That's right, Eric Diamond was the first one of my really good friends to leave on his mission.
2 years ago. 2 YEARS PEOPLE!!
And now he comes home tomorrow! After him, all of my friends start to come home!

Even though some of my friends just barely left, or haven't even left yet, I now realize how fast 2 years can fly past me. And that makes me excited! Sort of like seeing the light at the end of a tunnel. A good tunnel though, not a scary tunnel. 
Missions are great, but I just can't wait until it is my turn to go, so being on the "homecoming"side of things instead of the "farewell" side just feels really good. 

Anyways, that's all for now! Happy November!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fall Break, Part 2

Well, I got about 3 things from my Fall Break To-Do List done...ha ha whoops! But then the next weekend I went down to St. George with my family and about 10 other families from my old dance studio :)

We drove down on Friday Morning after my Chemistry class was over and got there around 1 in the afternoon. It was so so nice down there! We went and hung out by the pool for the rest of the afternoon. It was so awesome! Then that night we went to Tuacahn and saw The Little Mermaid! It was so AMAZING!! They flooded the stage and had a curtain of water that they projected images on to make it look like they were underwater! So So Cool! 
 Me and Brother :)

 Flaspsem and Jepsen




 Ariel and Eric! 


And Us :)

On Saturday Morning, I went hiking with the Otto Family! We went up just on the top of the mountain that has DIXIE painted on it :)

 CeCe and Gracie :)

 The St. George Valley

The Dixie Mountain

After hiking, We chilled by the pool again. Then that night, we went and saw Thriller at Tuacahn! It was a lot of fun and the Zombies were so great!! I even made a connection with one of them ;) ha ha ha

 Some of the girls!

 Michael's first girlfriend ;)

 My Boyfriend! Who later was talking to other women and so I yelled at him ;) ha ha ha

 Michael's Second Girlfriend!!

 Again with the Second Girlfriend ;)

Thriller was so much fun! We then went and got Nelson's custard like always :) 

This was a much needed trip! It was so much fun being with all of the dance girls again! I miss them so so much! I just need to figure out a way to stay involved at the studio...ha ha ha somehow I will fit that into my crazy life! 

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fall Break!

So this week is Fall Break. Here is my preliminary to-do list for the week in no particular order :)

1) Clean my room
2) Do Homework
3) Update my much in need of attention blog ;)
4) Write all of my missionary friends
5) Finish my missionary map
6) Prepare my primary lesson for Sunday
7) Visit the lovely town of Provo, Utah
8) Figure out a workout schedule for during school
9) Plan out my spring class schedule
10) Learn how to do different things with my hair
11) Get some new clothes for winter
12) Find a new book series to read
13) Visit Ty before he goes into the MTC on Wednesday
14) Go to the Temple to do Baptisms for the Dead
15) Study the Scriptures and PMG

I don't know if I will be able to get it all done in a week while working a couple days as well, but I'm gonna try my hardest! 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ham Fam Reunion 2011

Wow I suck at blogging....Ha ha oh well!!

I didn't have Internet for 4 weeks and I was at a family reunion for a week, so I feel like I have been disconnected from the world for a while! But alas, I am back :) 

My family reunion was super awesome! I love being able to see all of my cousins from all over the country. Almost all of them were able to come this year and we all had a blast! Some of the things we did were ~Park City Shopping and Alpine Slide and Coaster, Oakley 5K, Oakley Rodeo, Minute to Win It, Amazing Race, Oat Dig, Rubber Duck Races, Fotheringham Softball Game, Campfire and Smores, Jet Skiing, Bear Lake Pizza and Shakes, Fireworks, Idaho's Scratch and Win Lottery Ticket, Swimming, and lots and lots of Family Time and Food!!! 

While we were in Park City and walking around the downtown Park City shops, we saw the main guy in the TV show Bones!! It was sweet :) Then we went to the Park City Resort for the Slide and Coaster. They were way fun!  I had done the Slide before, but I had never done the Coaster before. The coaster was super exciting and just basically awesome!

On July 4th, a couple of us ran in the Oakley 5K Race! It was actually pretty fun! I didn't get a super good time, but it was still a blast. And I was the first girl in our family to finish, so I won a giant Lindt Chocolate Bar from my Aunt Liz! Mmmm!!! We did Rubber Duck Races in the creek by our house, where we decorated little rubber ducks and then raced them. After that, we had an Oat Dig where we separate into age groups and then all got a minute to dig in the oats for prizes, candy, and some money. Then we did Minute to Win It, which was WAY fun! Ha ha, I love that show so much!! Then we all got separated into different teams and made team flags, then did the Amazing Race (which was basically just a scavenger hunt thing). That was pretty hysterical actually...ha ha ha! Then that night we went to the Rodeo and I LOVED IT!!! Ah, I could totally be a country girl.... :) 

Here are some pictures from the week :)

Alright, that was a lot of pictures...ha ha ha 

Anyways, other than my reunion, I have been working a lot. Not a ton, but a good number of days in the week I work. I work at Fun N Motion, which is like a Chuck E Cheese kind of place. It has bounce houses, a laser maze, laser tag, I-Play, Arcade Games, and a Buffet :) I work with some really awesome people and my bosses are pretty tight for the most part. 

I have been writing a couple of missionaries, Tommy and Scott. I need to write a bunch more sometime soon, I just never really have the motivation to actually do it. But being able to hear about, mostly Tommy's, MTC adventures and all that he is learning, it is so exciting to me and it makes me want to learn so much more about the gospel that I don't know a ton about, and I want to go on a mission so bad now but I still have to wait for TWO FREAKIN YEARS!!! Ugh....oh well. 

Also, last week I had the amazing opportunity to go with my friend to her missionary discussion. It was so awesome to be able to see the spirit touch her, and to hear all that she has learned about the gospel. She knows more about the history of the church than I do!! Sometimes I wish that I could've been a convert, or at least been able to take the missionary discussions. I am so excited for her and I am so glad that I can have her as a friend again and that we are talking to each other again! It makes me really happy :)

Well, I guess that this post is long enough, mostly just because of all of my random pictures. Ha ha, what can I say? I love taking pictures :) 


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