Thursday, November 17, 2011

Great Weekend, Start of a New Day

This post is a little overdue, but it's been a couple days in the writing, so oh well! Here goes...

This weekend was awesome! Saturday was a little bit crazy, but it was way fun! I had to work in the morning from 9:45am to 4pm and I was the only employee scheduled to work besides my bosses because it was Bingham Ball and West Jordan's Sadies or something, so a ton of our employees were busy with that, so hence I was the only one. It surprisingly wasn't too bad though. My boss let me leave at 3:30 so that I could make it up to the Utah Football Game faster, because kickoff was at 4:30. So I rushed home and changed into many layers, then headed on trax up to Rice Eccles Stadium, where it was snowing. Once I got to the game, I had a blast with my buds! We were all freezing, but it was an awesome game and the Utes dominated UCLA!
Someone built a snowman on the stands :)

The balloons that were let go during halftime to honor the soldiers :)

All of us freezing our butts off but having a great time!

Then after the game, I went to a free concert at the SLCC Jordan Campus to watch my good friend Ashley Gray's boyfriend's band play. It was their CD Release Party, so I also bought their CD. It is amazing!! I have probably already listened to the whole thing like 50 times just this week. I love it! The band's name is Argyle and the CD is called End of September. It is available on iTunes, and you can also order their CD on their band website, Seriously, They are way good! 
Andrew (the singer) rockin' out!

Then, I was talking with Ashley and one of her and Andrew's friends and the friend gave me some really good advice. She told me about this YouTube video that her uncle (I think) had shown her, and it was totally what I needed in my life. Here is the video:  


So, ever since then when I have gotten insecure or scared to do something, I just tell myself to "Stop It" and then I move on. 
Because of this, on Monday I was walking through the institute and decided that I would stop and help set up for "Attitude of Gratitude Grilled Cheese Day" While doing this, I made some new friends, am now going to join one of the institute councils, and I talked to and became better friends with a boy that is in my institute class that I have had a secret crush on all semester :) 
It's the start of a new Becca, and I'm excited!

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