Sunday, January 29, 2012

I Choose Happiness

I guess this post is somewhat of an update on life in general. A couple months ago I was.....not happy, to put it simply. For instance, there was this post. I was not in a good place in my life. Then it got a little better after that for a couple weeks, but I never was truly happy. Well, things have definitely changed.

The week of Thanksgiving, I was walking through the institute and decided to help make grilled cheese sandwiches. That day changed my life. I met a girl, Izumi, who invited me to join the Spirit of Place Committee at the institute. She doesn't know it yet, but I owe this all to her. She is what started it all. At that time, we only had like 2 meetings before Christmas break, so I didn't really get to know the other people all that well yet. 

This semester started, and I wanted to be better. I wanted to make new friends, and the institute was the best place for that :) On my committee, I have met some of the greatest people! I have made friendships faster than I ever thought possible, but it is because of how loving people are and how accepting they are. I cannot express the love and gratitude that I have for those people and for the institute in general :) 

So, I can finally say it. I am happy again. I know that I will have some down days every now and then, just like everyone else. But those down days aren't the majority any longer. They aren't going to define who I am anymore. Pres. Thomas S. Monson said in the First Presidency Message this month, "We can’t direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails. For maximum happiness, peace, and contentment, may we choose a positive attitude." I can choose to be happy, no matter what is thrown at me. School is still going to be stressful, boys are still going to be confusing, and making decisions is still going to be hard. But I'm going to be happy through it all. 

Sorry if this ended up being more of a "testimony" post, but I owe my life to the gospel, and it made me who I am today. I love institute and the feeling of peace, comfort, and love that get as soon as I walk through the doors. I love being able to learn about the gospel every Monday and Wednesday between Chemistry and Physiology, and then early on Thursday mornings for our committee meetings. I just cannot express enough the love that I really feel for this program in the church.

Anyways, I hope that you have all had an amazing Sunday and that you have awesome week this week!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dear Boys 4

It's been another crazy week, but I am loving life :) I have made some amazing new friends this semester and they are the best thing I could have ever asked for right now in my life!

Anyways, hears to good times, but some confusing boys! Ha ha ha :)

Dear Breast Friend,

I miss you like crazy, and not getting letters from you makes me cry. Also, seeing your brother driving your car around makes me cry too.

Tight Like Unto A Dish

Dear Hank,

I'm coming. Tonight. I hope your class is ready for this Utah Girl ;) Cause I'm all sorts of crazy!

Your Utah Girl

Dear Institute Boy (aka That Kid),

What do you think of me? I'm still confused, but you are still gorgeous as ever :) You probably should ask me out soon, so I don't give up on you...which probably won't happen very soon though.

FB Stalker

Dear Pancake,

You better not be joking about doing a breakfast night. Cause I'm dang serious. And it should happen sooner rather than later.


Dear Brother,

I'm glad you are feeling a little bit better. Hopefully you are back to normal soon! Don't stress about life too much!


Dear Charlie,

You better not die on me tonight. I'm counting on you.


That's all for today folks!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Dear Boys 3...and other stuff

So, I'm a couple days late on this whole Dear Boys thing because this week has been NUTS! Awesome, but nuts. 
For the first part of this post will tell you about my crazy week I have had, and then onto the lovely Dear Boysness :)

So, On Tuesday, I got home from school around 1ish and had some lunch, was going to go to the temple, but then decided to do my homework first. Then once I was done with homework, it was time for me to go to work. Work was super dead....till about 7. Then, like 4 families came in and another group of.....very odd.....adults came in to play laser tag around 8. All of the families left by like 8:30ish, except this weird group....who stayed until after we closed at 9. I was angry and tired. So by then, I just came home, worked out, and went to bed.
On Wednesday, school was alright. I love my New Testament class and it is always so spiritual, but that day, when I left the class I just felt down in the dumps, like I wasn't good enough or didn't know enough. It wasn't the best of days. So when I got home, I decided that I really did need to go to the temple, so I did :) It was just what I needed. I love the temple so so much and I really need to be better at going on a regular basis, because I haven't been in almost a year. Bad I know. Once I got home, I did my homework and by that time it was dinner :) After dinner, my most favorite person in the world, Bro. Hank Smith, was giving a fireside at the Prairie Stake Center, only like 10 minutes from my house. So obviously I had to go. It was so great and I was so glad to be able to see and talk to him for a little bit. After the fireside, everyone there wanted to talk to him, so myself, Michael, Cassie, and Lauren, all waited for people to leave before we went up to talk to him, so because of that, we didn't get home until like 10:15pm....whoops! So I didn't have time to write my Dear Boys post that day. 
Thursday. Oh Thursday...craziest, most awesome day of my life! So, I had school in the morning and I drove instead of taking trax because of all the craziness happening that day. I got to school around 7am for my institute committee (Spirit Of Place) meeting. Then I had 2 classes and got done at 11:35am. I then booked it up to the institute, changed into nice clothes, then drove to the airport. Why the airport? Because a couple days earlier my dear neighbor Wendy called me and her husband works at Diamond Rental Car and Limo Company. This week they have to have people at the airport to greet the passengers that are coming for the sundance film festival in Park City. They had 2 girls cancel on them, so Wendy was scrambling to find someone to help, so I did and got paid $10 an hour :) No, I didn't greet and escort anyone super famous, but I did see some famous people! It was fun, and I get to go help again on Wednesday. Then at 5:00pm, I left the airport and headed back up to the U for the institute welcome back carnival! And might I just say, that was a blast! There were blowup things, karaoke, just dance 3 on kinect, bean bag toss (which I was in charge of bringing), doughnut on a string eating contest, and then a dance that went till 11pm. Lets just say, I didn't get home until midnight. I was exhausted! Then, today, I had to wake up at 5am to get to my 7:30 class on time....I almost cried when my alarm went off. Then school was just long and boring, and now I am home relaxin' :) 

Now, for Dear Boys!

Dear Hank,

You are the best ever! I wish you wouldn't have moved so far away. I will try to come to your Thursday night classes, but it might not always happen. I will try though.

Your Utah Girl

Dear Breast Friend,

It's been two weeks, and I haven't gotten a letter from you. I'm a little upset. But, granted, you are the one serving the Lord with all of your time and I'm just going to school, so I guess I could have written you again this week anyways, but I didn't. I'm sorry :( 

Tight Like Unto A Dish

Dear Institute Boy,

You make my heart melt. I wish I would've just asked you to dance last night, but hanging out all night was awesome :) You are the master of blowup obstacle courses, but I dominated at Just Dance 3. So we're even :)
I hope to see you tonight!

FB Stalker

Dear Crush since 7th Grade,

I haven't seen you and we go to the same school so.....I kinda don't care anymore....sorry! Ha ha, Institute Boy has my mind preoccupied ;)

Not a Trax Buddy

Dear Dancing Man,

Dancing last night was fun, but kind of awkward. Just sayin.


I think that is it for today. Have a great weekend everyone!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

A Weekend to Remember

Alright so this weekend....basically awesome. Let me tell you about it :)

On Saturday, nothing super amazing happened, but it was still a good day. I worked the 4-10pm shift at work with Chinedu, which was pretty fun, basically because Chinedu is fun to work with and we usually always both get stuck working the 4-10pm shifts on Saturdays together. When I got to work though, I found out that someone had reserved the laser tag after hours, so both me and Chinedu had to stay an hour late at work. I thought that it would be super horrible, but we were both so tired that EVERYTHING was funny! We watched the sports highlights while waiting for the group to be done and were just laughing at everything, because apparently football and basketball are 1000x funnier when you are dead tired! Ha ha! Anyways...

Then on Sunday, it wasn't my week to teach (I teach the sunbeams primary class, just fyi) so that was nice, but our class was just crazy (as usual). But, we got on the subject of batman and his muscles, which was quite entertaining :) Then, we played follow the leader around the room and little Addi always wanted to be the leader and he would twirl his arms around and everyone had to follow what he was doing. In Sacrament meeting, my brother had to speak, so of course I made faces at him the whole time! It was great :)

After Church, we got home, picked up the salad and my car, and went up to my grandparents house to have a dinner/birthday party for my cousin Matt that was in town with his girlfriend Kristyn from Oregon for the week. There was some delicious food, as always :) Then, at 6:30pm, I left the dinner to head up to the U Institute for the Welcome Back Fireside! It was such a great fireside, for more reasons than one :) Right when I got there, I found some of the people that are on my committee, so I had some people to sit with :) Then, the fireside started and the Institute Singers sang some amazing and beautiful songs! Then Brother Chad Webb, the head of all the institute programs in the world, came to speak to us. His talk was about a bunch of different things, but I felt like over half of the time he was speaking directly to me, and it was exactly what I needed to hear. I love talks like that :) Then afterwards, I was walking around and found my friend Karli that I sat next to in one of my classes last semester! It was fun to be able to see her, because we don't have any classes together this semester :( Then, I was going back to get some refreshments when I saw.....Yep, Institute Boy :) :) I wanted to say hi to him, but he was talking to a group of people, so I just walked past instead. Then......I heard a beautiful sounding male voice say my name, so I turned around, and he was walking towards me :) :) So, I said "Hey" and thought that he was just saying hi and would then go back to his group, but then he kept talking to me, and then asked if I wanted to go get refreshments! So we did, and then we went and sat down to eat, and we talked for almost like an hour straight!! I was in heaven! We talked about school, hobbies/sports, institute, family, etc. Then, we helped clean up, cause by then it had cleared out quite a bit. Then we parted ways, and I drove home in a daze :) Once I got home, I was one happy girl! I was full of energy, so I didn't go to bed for quite some time. I stayed up and watched Numb3rs instead (one of my favorite shows of all time!). 

Then, I woke up this morning (late of course because of the MLK Holiday), and my mom had fixed us french toast with Kneader's Cinnamon Bread! It was SO GOOD! Also, it was snowing a little bit, so that made to happy too :) Then a little bit later, I looked out the window and it was a BLIZZARD! It was so awesome! But alas, that only last a couple of minutes, because the next time I looked outside it had stopped and was completely clear outside. I was ok with that though, because I wanted to go and get my hair trimmed, but I didn't want to drive in a blizzard, so it was perfect! So, I went and got my hair trimmed and my bangs cut, then came home and started on the homework that I had put off all weekend. As of now, I have gotten my Stats and Chem homework down, but still just need to read for Children's Lit, which shouldn't be too bad :) 

Well, that was my weekend! I hope that yours was just as good, if not better :)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Charlie's All Better!!

Just thought I would announce that Charlie was towed away this morning to the shop, got a brand spankin' new battery, and I was able to drive him home! :) 

Thank you Denny's Auto for taking care of my car!

Have a wonderful MLK, Jr. long weekend everyone!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dear Boys 2

Basically, I have been thinking of new "Dear Boys" ever since last week when I posted my first one. Cause let's be honest, besides school, boys are what is on my mind most of the time. Ha ha so here it is, my second "Dear Boys" post!

Dear Crush since 7th Grade,

Really? You keep getting me excited to see you and then it never happens...what is up with that??
I still wish that you would notice me and want to hang out with me, cause basically, you're pretty. 

Not a Trax Buddy :(

Dear Institute Boy,

I was sad you weren't in my class, but then I switched into yours :) Is that weird to you? 
Seeing you today melted my heart. Cause you are still gorgeous.
What do you think about me though?? I really need to know.

FB Stalker

Dear Breast Friend,

I better get a letter from you tomorrow...cause I be pissed if I don't! 
Miss you!

Tight Like Unto a Dish

Dear Chem 1 Prof,

I kind of miss you. Chem 2 Prof kinda sucks. Come back please!

Chem Confused

Dear Charlie,

Get better soon! and preferably without costing me too much money!


Dear Obi-Wan,

Still no email. I'm disappointed.

Darth Vader

Dear First Love,

I am a bad friend I know. I haven't written you back in like 2 months. BUT, I don't have your address and your mom won't get back to me with it. So it's not all my fault ;)

Becca Bec

Well, that's all folks! Until next week that is :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Charlie's Bad Day

Charlie had a bad day today :(

I decided to drive to school today because I only had one class and I wouldn't be going at rush hour so I thought, "Heck, why not drive?" So, I took a little longer getting ready and went out to my car about an hour before my class started, thinking that it would take me about 35-40 minutes to get to campus, then about 15 minutes to get from the institute parking lot to my class. I would get there a little bit early, but that was the plan so I could get a good seat and all that jazz. 

I get in Charlie, put the key in the ignition, turn the key and........nothing happens. So I try again. Nothing happens. So I call my mom and get out of Charlie and notice that when I lock my door, it only locks my door, when normally it's a power lock that when the drivers side gets locked or unlocked, all the other doors do too. Not this time though. My battery is obviously totally dead. So, my wonderful mom comes home from work and picks me up, is gonna drive me to the trax station, but I have already missed the train that would get me to class on time. So instead, she lets me drive her back to work, and then drive her car up to campus so that I can get to my class on time :) Then I will just pick her back up from  work when she gets off at 3:15.

Man, I don't know what I would do without that woman :)

As for Charlie, he gets to wait until Mom or Dad gets home and then they can help me to figure out why he is sick and how to get him better! Hopefully it is just the battery and he can be jumped and then driven around to recharge it. Hopefully. 

Get better Charlie!!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

First Day of the New Semester

First day of the new semester. It's gonna be a tough semester, but I'm kind of excited :) I have some cool classes, and some not so cool classes *cough cough chemistry cough cough*. 

So here is a pic of the brother and me after my first day :)

Have a wonderful semester everyone!! :)

Friday, January 6, 2012

Charlie's First Pampering

So there is this boy. 

His name is Charlie. 

I love him.

He is my car :) 

Well today, Charlie received his first car wash. And it was more than just a cheap rinse, it was the WORKS WASH! So yeah, he was pampered, and I was having the time of my life :)

 Pink Soap!

 Triple Soak!


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dear Boys

So, I read my dear friend Ashley's blog all the time, cause she is a way better blogger than me and I envy her blog motivation ;) Anyways, she has done a couple of these "Dear Boys" posts and I was intrigued. At first I was a little confused, but then I went to the blog that she got the idea from and read all of this girl, Elise's, "Dear Boys" posts. And I was hooked. Especially because I have no idea what to think about some boys in my life and I figured this would be a great way for me to let out some of my frustrations/emotions/confusions about them. 

So here it goes :)

Dear Bagpipe Boy,

I thought we were better friends than I think you thought that we were.
And coming to realize that sucks.
And now you are gone for 2 years and I wish I would have said something sooner.


Dear Institute Boy,

You are gorgeous. I wish you would ask me out. I actually dreamed about it last night.
I hope I see you again next semester.

FB Stalker

Dear Crush since 7th Grade,

You are back. And still as gorgeous as ever.
Why do you still like her? Why don't you notice me?
She goes to school in Wyoming. And I go to the same school as you. 

Hopefully Future Trax Buddy

Dear Red-Head,

You are awesome. But I kind of only see us being friends. 
I'm excited for our date tonight, but I hope that you aren't wanting to be more than friends. 

Friend Zone

Dear Breast Friend,

Getting your letter today was the best thing that could have happened. 
It totally made up for my late-night breakdown last night. 
That's hard to do, but if anyone could, it would be you.
I miss you. And you've only been gone a week. What am I gonna do for at least 2 years if not more??

Tight like unto a Dish ;)

Dear Brother,

I don't want you to go to Utah State. I know that you would do great things and have a blast, but I don't know what I will do without being able to laugh with you everyday.
If you do go, we better Skype each other daily. I mean it. 


Dear Ex-Best Friend,

I'm glad we were on speaking terms before you left.
It's good to hear that you are doing amazing things on the mish! 
I forgive you for all the hurt that you caused me. Just don't do it again ;) 

This Girl

Dear Obi-Wan,

You're family says that you love to get letters and emails, but then you never write back...
It's hard to keep emailing you without getting even a tiny email back. 
Why didn't we ever date before you let? Why did I only like you after you were gone? 

Darth Vader 

Well, I think that is all for now. Hopefully I can stay "blog motivated" throughout the semester, but it is gonna be a tough one for sure!!  

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Thanksgiving Disneyland Trip

Wow I am way behind...oh well! 

So for Thanksgiving this year my mom wanted to go out of town. We thought about Hawaii, St. George, California, and a couple other places. I didn't want to miss school 2 weeks before finals though, so we needed to find somewhere that we could go to on Wednesday night and come home on Sunday. So we decided on Disneyland! It was a blast! It was all decorated for Christmas already and was just so much fun. It was pretty crowded, but definitely not the worst that I have ever seen there. 
On Thanksgiving, we ate the famous turkey legs in the park for our Thanksgiving feast :)

It was awesome :) Also, It was kind of cold, so Michael and I wore ponchos on Splash Mountain! Yeah, we're cool!

Well, we basically just had a great time! Here are some other photos from the trip :)

It was such an awesome trip, besides the fact that my dad lost his phone on the last day we were there :( 


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