Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Thanksgiving Disneyland Trip

Wow I am way behind...oh well! 

So for Thanksgiving this year my mom wanted to go out of town. We thought about Hawaii, St. George, California, and a couple other places. I didn't want to miss school 2 weeks before finals though, so we needed to find somewhere that we could go to on Wednesday night and come home on Sunday. So we decided on Disneyland! It was a blast! It was all decorated for Christmas already and was just so much fun. It was pretty crowded, but definitely not the worst that I have ever seen there. 
On Thanksgiving, we ate the famous turkey legs in the park for our Thanksgiving feast :)

It was awesome :) Also, It was kind of cold, so Michael and I wore ponchos on Splash Mountain! Yeah, we're cool!

Well, we basically just had a great time! Here are some other photos from the trip :)

It was such an awesome trip, besides the fact that my dad lost his phone on the last day we were there :( 

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