Monday, January 16, 2012

A Weekend to Remember

Alright so this weekend....basically awesome. Let me tell you about it :)

On Saturday, nothing super amazing happened, but it was still a good day. I worked the 4-10pm shift at work with Chinedu, which was pretty fun, basically because Chinedu is fun to work with and we usually always both get stuck working the 4-10pm shifts on Saturdays together. When I got to work though, I found out that someone had reserved the laser tag after hours, so both me and Chinedu had to stay an hour late at work. I thought that it would be super horrible, but we were both so tired that EVERYTHING was funny! We watched the sports highlights while waiting for the group to be done and were just laughing at everything, because apparently football and basketball are 1000x funnier when you are dead tired! Ha ha! Anyways...

Then on Sunday, it wasn't my week to teach (I teach the sunbeams primary class, just fyi) so that was nice, but our class was just crazy (as usual). But, we got on the subject of batman and his muscles, which was quite entertaining :) Then, we played follow the leader around the room and little Addi always wanted to be the leader and he would twirl his arms around and everyone had to follow what he was doing. In Sacrament meeting, my brother had to speak, so of course I made faces at him the whole time! It was great :)

After Church, we got home, picked up the salad and my car, and went up to my grandparents house to have a dinner/birthday party for my cousin Matt that was in town with his girlfriend Kristyn from Oregon for the week. There was some delicious food, as always :) Then, at 6:30pm, I left the dinner to head up to the U Institute for the Welcome Back Fireside! It was such a great fireside, for more reasons than one :) Right when I got there, I found some of the people that are on my committee, so I had some people to sit with :) Then, the fireside started and the Institute Singers sang some amazing and beautiful songs! Then Brother Chad Webb, the head of all the institute programs in the world, came to speak to us. His talk was about a bunch of different things, but I felt like over half of the time he was speaking directly to me, and it was exactly what I needed to hear. I love talks like that :) Then afterwards, I was walking around and found my friend Karli that I sat next to in one of my classes last semester! It was fun to be able to see her, because we don't have any classes together this semester :( Then, I was going back to get some refreshments when I saw.....Yep, Institute Boy :) :) I wanted to say hi to him, but he was talking to a group of people, so I just walked past instead. Then......I heard a beautiful sounding male voice say my name, so I turned around, and he was walking towards me :) :) So, I said "Hey" and thought that he was just saying hi and would then go back to his group, but then he kept talking to me, and then asked if I wanted to go get refreshments! So we did, and then we went and sat down to eat, and we talked for almost like an hour straight!! I was in heaven! We talked about school, hobbies/sports, institute, family, etc. Then, we helped clean up, cause by then it had cleared out quite a bit. Then we parted ways, and I drove home in a daze :) Once I got home, I was one happy girl! I was full of energy, so I didn't go to bed for quite some time. I stayed up and watched Numb3rs instead (one of my favorite shows of all time!). 

Then, I woke up this morning (late of course because of the MLK Holiday), and my mom had fixed us french toast with Kneader's Cinnamon Bread! It was SO GOOD! Also, it was snowing a little bit, so that made to happy too :) Then a little bit later, I looked out the window and it was a BLIZZARD! It was so awesome! But alas, that only last a couple of minutes, because the next time I looked outside it had stopped and was completely clear outside. I was ok with that though, because I wanted to go and get my hair trimmed, but I didn't want to drive in a blizzard, so it was perfect! So, I went and got my hair trimmed and my bangs cut, then came home and started on the homework that I had put off all weekend. As of now, I have gotten my Stats and Chem homework down, but still just need to read for Children's Lit, which shouldn't be too bad :) 

Well, that was my weekend! I hope that yours was just as good, if not better :)

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