Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dear Boys 2

Basically, I have been thinking of new "Dear Boys" ever since last week when I posted my first one. Cause let's be honest, besides school, boys are what is on my mind most of the time. Ha ha so here it is, my second "Dear Boys" post!

Dear Crush since 7th Grade,

Really? You keep getting me excited to see you and then it never happens...what is up with that??
I still wish that you would notice me and want to hang out with me, cause basically, you're pretty. 

Not a Trax Buddy :(

Dear Institute Boy,

I was sad you weren't in my class, but then I switched into yours :) Is that weird to you? 
Seeing you today melted my heart. Cause you are still gorgeous.
What do you think about me though?? I really need to know.

FB Stalker

Dear Breast Friend,

I better get a letter from you tomorrow...cause I be pissed if I don't! 
Miss you!

Tight Like Unto a Dish

Dear Chem 1 Prof,

I kind of miss you. Chem 2 Prof kinda sucks. Come back please!

Chem Confused

Dear Charlie,

Get better soon! and preferably without costing me too much money!


Dear Obi-Wan,

Still no email. I'm disappointed.

Darth Vader

Dear First Love,

I am a bad friend I know. I haven't written you back in like 2 months. BUT, I don't have your address and your mom won't get back to me with it. So it's not all my fault ;)

Becca Bec

Well, that's all folks! Until next week that is :)

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