Saturday, November 17, 2012

To Infinity...And Beyond!

Remember that time I said that I had a Halloween post in mind that I was going to write and put up on here? Yeah, my school life has been pretty crazy since then with studying Embryology 24/7. But, I can finally breathe for about 2.4 seconds, until I have my CNA State Written Test on Monday and Skills Test on Wednesday. 

But, while I have the time, I shall update the blog with my homemade Halloween costume and Halloween festivities!

It all started out with me coming home from school and needing a costume within the next 3 hours for UFit. I decided to look online for some easy homemade costume ideas and saw a picture on google of......*get ready for this*....BUZZ LIGHTYEAR! I was pretty dang excited about it! 
My mom and I then figured out what we needed to pick up from Wally World. 
Our Shopping List:
Black Duct Tape
White Duct Tape
Green Duct Tape
Purple Duct Tape
Red Duct Tape

The supplies we had at home:
Red, Blue, Green, and Purple Fabric Markers
White Long Sleeved Shirt
White Shorts
Long White Socks
An Old Belt
Pretty good size piece of cardboard

On the white shirt, I just drew the design on with fabric markers. I then put some of the green duct tape around the sleeves and black duct tape around the bottom of the shirt. On the white shorts, I put green duct tape around the bottom of each leg. On the belt, I covered one side of it with the green duct tape. On the socks, I put purple duct tape on the bottom of each foot and green tape around the top of each sock. I wrote "ANDY" on the bottom of my right foot and put the socks on over my shoes. 
For the wings, my mom was the mastermind and just looked at a picture of Buzz's wings online and cut and covered with duct tape a piece of cardboard we had in our garage. 

Put it all together and....TADA!

Going down the stairs and through hallways was a challenge...

After the great success of my costume at UFit, I decided to where it to the Institute Halloween Party! 
As I was getting ready, my friend Whitney texted me to ask for a ride to the party and of course I said, "Sure!" Then about 20 minutes later I get a phone call from a number I don't recognize, but I answer it anyways. It turns out to be my friend Jared that recently got home from his mission and that I had only seen once since he got home. He had been talking to Whit and was also wanting to know if I could give him a ride. So, I went and picked up Whit first and she was dressed in a Mr. Incredible's Jersey! Pixar anyone? (I hadn't told her what I was dressing up as)
Then, we went to Jared's house to pick him up. We get to his house and Whit calls him to tell him that we are outside. He opens his door and walks outside dressed as WOODY! Um, Perfect much?? 
So, Jared and I matched and Whit was also Pixar, with no planning required. 
We are just that awesome :)

Jared wanted to get pictures with random people :)

Missionaries?? YES!

 A Minion from Despicable Me!

 The fierce Mr. Incredible smashing Syndrome!

 Jared with Jessie from Team Rocket

Partners in Crime :)

 This was after we had finished cleaning up and were waiting for Jake's dad to arrive to pick up all of the blow-up equipment. It was probably past midnight at this point. So we were all a bit loopy :)

 Also, here are Dad's and my pumpkins that we carved! 
This is Dad's face!

 And, of course, my Ute Drum and Feather :)

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