Sunday, November 25, 2012

TSO 2012!

I have a strict No Christmas Music before Thanksgiving Policy.
But, I made a small exception this year. 
My friend Danny invited me to go with him to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra Concert. 

I have never been to a "real" rock concert before, and I think this was a good one to start with. It was intense but sophisticated, all at the same time! :)

So, it started with a whole story-line about how God sends down an angel from heaven to meet people and change their lives. And this angel meets a man who is very hard-hearted on Christmas Eve. Through the course of different things happening to this man, his heart is softened and the angel returns to heaven, where he is praised by God for his good work.

It was sort of a spiritual experience, in a Trans-Siberian kind of way! 
The Gospel means "Good News" and that's exactly what it was :)


Then, after the story-line portion of the show was finished, that's when "the real party started!" 
The man guy of TSO came out and asked if we had a couple more songs in us, and of course we did! Then he said, "Let's show you what this stuff can really do!" (talking about all of the special effects) 

Now that, was a rock concert-Christmas style! 

Here is a video of the finale, "Carol of the Bells" 

Thank you so much Danny for letting me experience that with you! :)
It was incredible!

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