Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fall Break, Part 2

Well, I got about 3 things from my Fall Break To-Do List done...ha ha whoops! But then the next weekend I went down to St. George with my family and about 10 other families from my old dance studio :)

We drove down on Friday Morning after my Chemistry class was over and got there around 1 in the afternoon. It was so so nice down there! We went and hung out by the pool for the rest of the afternoon. It was so awesome! Then that night we went to Tuacahn and saw The Little Mermaid! It was so AMAZING!! They flooded the stage and had a curtain of water that they projected images on to make it look like they were underwater! So So Cool! 
 Me and Brother :)

 Flaspsem and Jepsen




 Ariel and Eric! 


And Us :)

On Saturday Morning, I went hiking with the Otto Family! We went up just on the top of the mountain that has DIXIE painted on it :)

 CeCe and Gracie :)

 The St. George Valley

The Dixie Mountain

After hiking, We chilled by the pool again. Then that night, we went and saw Thriller at Tuacahn! It was a lot of fun and the Zombies were so great!! I even made a connection with one of them ;) ha ha ha

 Some of the girls!

 Michael's first girlfriend ;)

 My Boyfriend! Who later was talking to other women and so I yelled at him ;) ha ha ha

 Michael's Second Girlfriend!!

 Again with the Second Girlfriend ;)

Thriller was so much fun! We then went and got Nelson's custard like always :) 

This was a much needed trip! It was so much fun being with all of the dance girls again! I miss them so so much! I just need to figure out a way to stay involved at the studio...ha ha ha somehow I will fit that into my crazy life! 


  1. So fun! :) I danced with a few girls who are in the Thriller production! Way neat! And Dixie rock is AMAZING if you lay on your back (at night time of course) and dangle your head off the edge and see the city lights upside down... it's so fun!!! :)

  2. Ha ha I tried to dangle my head just to see how you guys did it....I got too freaked out! I sat on the edge with my feet dangling though!! :)


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