Thursday, November 7, 2013

Plan of Salvation in Union Square

A few weeks ago, one of my neighbors tagged me in a post on Facebook containing this video. 
So, I watched it.

As I watched, I realized it was in New York. 

My brother is serving a mission in New York.

Then, I saw him. 

And I bawled. Cause I'm an emotional wreck all the time. 

My brother, Elder Fotheringham, is wearing a light blue shirt, jeans, and black shoes with green soles. In fact, that is his arm in the picture before you start the video. 

This video has gone viral, at least around Utah it has. The Zone Leader (the missionary at the very beginning of the video being interviewed) has a blog and decided to do this Plan of Salvation Project and would then post pictures from it on his blog. Then, one of the members of the church in the area came and filmed it for them and made this video. 

Within 72 hours of this project, the Zone Leader's blog, "Reach" My Gospel, had received over 14,000 views!

Then, Deseret News heard about the story and decided to make a call to New York! You can read the article about it here.

Missionary work can be done in various, creative ways. It is not just about knocking on doors. If missionaries in New York can draw the Plan of Salvation in chalk in the middle of Union Square, I can talk to those around me about the gospel that I love so much. 

In this words of Al Fox Carraway, #UseTheInternetForGood :)

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