Monday, June 2, 2014

Around a Campfire

Summertime to me means late nights, many of them spent around a campfire. I am a huge fan of the roasted mallow stuck in between some grahams and chocolate, otherwise known as Smores! 

But even more than getting to eat smores, I think there is something to be said about the atmosphere around a campfire. It's almost romantic, even with the smoke and the forever lingering smell on your clothes. Now, while my love life is pretty non-existent, I think that romantic can mean many different things. In this case, I think that it brings people together, strengthens relationships/friendships.

This past week I was at a campfire with the Relief Society of the YSA Ward that I have been avoiding joining (but that my dad just got put in the bishopric). It was at this campfire that I saw my potential in this new ward, potential to make new friends and really be touched by the women in the Welby YSA Ward. 

This past Memorial Day weekend I went up to my cabin at Bear Lake with some friends. We spent time watching a meteor shower, sunbathing, making shadow puppets, watching the radiator on my car smoke, watching movies, and, of course, had a campfire on the beach. At that campfire, as well as the rest of the trip, I feel that I was able to get to know these friends so much better than I would have just hanging out at home. At the campfire, which was the same night that my car had been smoking after driving to get pizza in Garden City, we shared funny stories, sang Disney songs, and watched Josh's dancing side come out ;) All of my stress about my car faded away for a bit as I took in the moment of fire and friendship.

 Tiffany, Katie, Me, and Josh

Katie and Tiffany

So here's to many more campfires this summer and the kindling of new friendships and building up existing ones :)

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