Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Summer "Bucket List"

Well, summer semester has officially started. 
And yet, I still have a bucket list. 
Who knows if I will get any of these things done, but I'm all for trying! 

As I accomplish any of these things, pictures will be taken and I will tell of my adventures!

So without further ado, the "Bucket List"
1-Learn to golf
2-LOTR Movie Marathon
3-Hike the U
4-Read the entire Old Testament
5-Go to a Bees Game
6-Play in the fountain at City Creek
7-Hike Ensign Peak
8-Go Rock Climbing
9-Run the Oakley 5K
10-Go to a drive in movie
11-Go Skydiving/Hang Gliding
12-Look at the starts with a good friend
13-Eat a pound of jello with my brother
14-Play in the fountain outside the Marriott Library
15-Lay on the grass and look at the clouds
16-Have a picnic in the canyon
17-Go to Lagoon

Some of these things I have done before and just want to do them again, but others I have never done and have wanted to for a while now, so why not during the summer?? :)

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