Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Utah Football for the WIN!

As any and all Utah Utes Fans SHOULD know, the first football game of the season was on this past Thursday against the Utah State Aggies! 
Let me first say that Utah State played an amazing game and that their quarterback, Chucky, is a maniac and will do some great things this season! 
But, my Utes pulled out their first win of the season! 

This was an awesome game and I had the awesome opportunity to witness the #REDemption from the SIDELINES!! 
My very good friend and MUSS buddy Lisa, aka Muffin, won the MUSS Tailgate Raffle for 2 Sideline passes! Also, this was her VERY FIRST Utah Football game! Talk about AWESOME!

*Warning: Photo overload coming*

 Ute Walk

 On the FIELD!

 The MUSS signalling a First Down!


 Stripe the Stadium!

 Muffin really liked Scott's Marching Utes Hat :)

 Swoop decided to have a sit on Muffin during Half Time!

 The band playing the "Crazy Lady" song!

 This lady just came on the field by us and was awesome! 

 On the field!

 Once the game ended! Also, the guy in the orange shirt became one of our new best friends :)

 Chillin' on the 50 yard line :)

This was such an awesome experience! I'm so excited for the rest of the season in the MUSS :)

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