Friday, July 3, 2015

How this Utah Girl met her Cali Boy, part 2

No, Cam was not at the Summer Snowball Fight. BUT, a bunch of the people that he hung out with in the ward were! After the fight, I was invited by Ryanne and Chelsa to come to Jamba with a bunch of other people in the ward.

I was STOKED! Up until that point, I didn't feel like I belonged in the ward, seeing as how my parents are pretty much who I hung out with the majority of the time at ward activities. After that night, I felt like I could make it in the ward.

I went to other FHE activities and had a good time, but still felt like I was going mostly because my parents had to be there.  I started school up again in August and I had my Pediatric clinicals on Mondays. They were to go from 6:45am to 6pm, so I didn't know if I would be able to make it to FHE anymore, not on time at least because I had an hour long trax ride home.

My first week of clinicals I was pretty nervous, mostly just from starting something new. To help to curb those nerves, I wore my stylin' Buzz Lightyear hoodie (which is fitting to wear into a children's hospital, right?). Little did I know that that hoodie would change my future forever.

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