Wednesday, October 19, 2016

How this Utah Girl met her Cali Boy, part 8

Alright, it has been 8 months since I last posted, but I can't leave anything undone, so here is the end of our "how we started dating" story....if I can fit it all in one post. Maybe two. Here goes...

In the parking lot of Applebees before we all headed out, Ryanne took me aside to chat. She told me that Cam had been texting Rachelle and saying that he thought that I had been trying to hold his hand when we had watched the Goonies. I was intrigued and had hope slightly renewed in our chances.

Ryanne and I then rejoined the group and Rachelle offered to have Ryanne, Cam, and I come over to her place to watch a movie that night. I knew that this would be my chance to try the hand holding again. Ryanne ended up driving us all to Rachelle's and I had butterflies the whole way over. When we got to Rachelle's, we decide to watch Crazy Stupid Love. Before the movie started, I went to the bathroom, cause, small bladder problems. When I came back, I sat on the couch next to Cam. Next thing I knew, Cam's arm was around me! I was thrilled! We cuddled the whole movie :)

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The next week, after FHE, we again went over to Rachelle's to watch P.S. I Love You (I know, we like chick flicks). Again, we cuddled all through the movie, and I actually ended up falling asleep during the movie. After the movie was over, Cam drove me home. He walked me to my door and we had a long hug, a really long hug...and then I ran inside. (Little did I know, Cam was left on the porch, stunned at what had just happened.) I had made a promise to myself that I wouldn't kiss him until he had actually asked me and taken me on a real date. And it was SO HARD! I so wanted to kiss him that night!

Later that week, I got a text from Rachelle telling me that for her birthday (which is a couple days before Halloween), she wanted to go out to Cafe Rio on Halloween with a big group of friends. Obviously I was so down for that, cause, Cafe Rio. A few hours later, I got a text from Cam asking if I wanted to go with him. (He also included that he was sorry it was a text because I was at clinicals, and sorry that Rachelle had already sent me the text before he was able to). I told him that I would love to go with him! It was an unconventional first date, but still a date.

Halloween came around and that morning I had a disaster simulation course for nursing school. Without disclosing details of the simulation, there was a part where I had stage makeup put on to make it look like I was hurt in an earthquake. To make it even better, I was wearing the shirt that I had gotten from "Zombie Tag" earlier that year. After the simulation course was over, I headed home and decided to leave the makeup on, because Halloween. Finally, dinner time came around and Cam picked me up to go to Cafe Rio. We went with a bunch of our friends from the Singles Ward and it was a great time!

After dinner, our friends all decided that we were going to go to a Halloween party that some other girls in the ward were throwing. Before heading out to the party, Cam and I headed back to my house to see my parents passing out candy to the trick-or-treaters, then went over to my sisters' so that I could see my cute niece's costume for her first Halloween (she was adorable, by the way!). After the visit, we headed over to the party.

The party consisted over a lot of dancing, mingling, and eating. When the party was dying down, a group of us decided to head over the Chase's house to watch a movie. We would obviously watch a Halloween movie, right?? Nope, Newsies. Because I had never seen it, and it is one of Chase's and Cam's favorite movies. During the movie, while Cam and I were cuddling on the couch, Cam leaned down and kissed me on the head!!! YES!! So, I looked up at him and kissed him for real :) :) :)

As he dropped me off later that night, we made it official, we wanted to start dating officially!

Well, there you have it peeps! I love my Cali Boy and I'm so glad we were able to find each other. And the rest is history :)

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