Friday, February 26, 2016

How this Utah Girl met her Cali Boy, part 7

On my Southern Utah trip for Fall Break, I found out that I had won a photo contest through UPC (Union Programming Council) at the U. The prize was tickets to that upcoming Monday's production of Thriller at Kingsbury Hall.

I was torn. Monday Night was FHE at the Corn Maze, aka prime time to see if there was anything with Cam. Monday was also my parents anniversary...which turned out perfectly. I ended up giving the tickets to them so that they could celebrate, and not with the YSA ward.

So, the time for the Corn Maze came. I was stoked. I was also happy because since it was the first week after Fall Break, the new rounds of clinicals hadn't started yet, so I was able to go to FHE at all. I met at the church, but then ended up driving myself because I stopped by my house to grab a bigger coat.

The rest of the corn maze is kind of a blur, but I remember that we all started out in a group, but then at some point Cam and I ended up going off on our own, away from the group. It was a dream come true. We went around the maze together, but he didn't hold my hand at all, even with me making it very available to be held.

We got to the exit of the maze before the rest of our group, so we decided to just wait at the exit for them. We started joking about how I am always cold so that I was glad that I went home to get a bigger coat, while Cam was just wearing a little jacket and said that he wasn't cold.  That led to me stating that my hands were still cold, which FINALLY led to Cam holding my hand...for like 5 seconds. Ha ha, he then heard our friends coming out of the maze so he let go pretty quick. (Don't worry, I have called him a chicken many times since then).

After the maze, we went on our frequent Monday Night outings to Applebees. Cam and I ended up driving together, so then we sat next to each other. I was really happy and excited...then Cam spent a good portion of the time talking with the girl sitting on the other side of him, which was a new girl to our ward. I was bummed. I was sure that he was into her more than me. So I spent the rest of the time at Applebees trying to make the best of it, which is actually the night that me and my friend Chase kind of bonded and became good friends.

I thought that any chance of something happening between Cam and I was dwindling before my eyes.

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