Thursday, February 18, 2016

August 15th, 2015, aka the Start of Our Forever, part 4

The rest of the reception is a bit of a blur, with seeing all of our friends and family going through the line. I mainly just remember a lot of happiness!

After the line died down, it was time to party! Cam and I got some ice cream, then cut our cupcake! And of course, I smashed it in his face, cause what else would you expect me to do??

After cutting our cupcake, the doughnut pyramid was disassembled for the guests to partake! Then, I did my bouquet toss to Single Ladies! My friend Rachel caught the bouquet and she was pretty stoked!

Finally, time for dancing! We first did the father/daughter dance, which I basically the bawled through the whole thing. Thanks Dad...ha ha. Then Cam and his mom did a mother/son dance, which was adorable. Then, it was time for our first dance, which was to Alo Key's "The Day I Met You". I loved it! 

Enough with the mushy stuff, then it was time to party! We partied with family and my friends for like a half an hour, but then it was time to head out! Cam and I went inside to change and get our stuff and we came out to lines of sparklers! I loved it because Cam proposed with sparklers (a post to hopefully come shortly!). 

We finished walking through the sparkly line and I expected to see either mine or Cam's car decorated by our siblings, but to my surprise we had a fancy car being driven by my next door neighbor, Wendy, waiting for us! My mom had set it all up for us, as Wendy drives for Diamond Limousine.

It worked out perfectly, because I was worrying beforehand about what we were gonna do with our car the next day, as my mom was going to be driving us to the airport in the morning so that we wouldn't have to pay for parking for a week. So, we got in the car and enjoyed some sparkling cider in fancy glasses on the way up to the University Guest House (on the U Campus) where we were spending the night before heading off to Disneyland! 

Well, that's it! That is the story of our wedding day! Stay tuned for the next post that will have our temple and reception video! 

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  1. I love this so much!!!! So much happiness!!!! :) I'll be waiting for that sparklers proposal story!! ;)


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