Monday, November 14, 2016

What to Pack on your next Disney Trip

Prepping to go on a Disney trip can be potentially stressful, with coordinating travel, hotel stays, any reservations, and last but not least, packing. So, I have compiled a list of things that need to make it into your luggage on your next Disney trip!

1) A Camelback Backpack

Guys, this has been a lifesaver for me on my last few trips! I would recommend it to everyone that goes to Disneyland for full days! Cam and I got these before our honeymoon and they were very nice to have in later August when it was still the summer heat in California. I prefer this a lot over having to carry a water bottle around the park. It is great because you don't have to get into your bag every time you need a drink, the straw/hose is right next to your face! Cam and I got a little bit bigger ones because we wanted to have additional space to put other things more than just the water bladder. If you are planning on carrying a backpack, I highly suggest getting one with the water bladder!

2) Plastic Bags

Sandwich size and the Quart size are both good to have to put sunscreen, lotion, etc. in so that they don't leak all over your bag/backpack. The sandwich size is also good to put your phone, wallet, camera, etc. in for when you go on water rides so that they don't get ruined. I always keep a couple extra in my backpacks for anything that I may need throughout the day.

3) Lanyard with pocket

Whether it be a Disney lanyard and pocket or not, these are a must have if you plan on getting fast passes, especially if you have kids. The lanyards are also good if you want to pin trade, or display your free button (pictured above). The pocket is great to carry your park passes, fast passes, credit card, ID, hotel key, cash, etc. When Cam and I go, I usually don't bring my wallet into the park with me because it's kinda heavy, so I put all my essentials into my lanyard pocket!

4) Good Shoes

This can be different for everyone. For me, I always go with my running/workout shoes (pictured above on the right). For Cam, he does the best in flip flops (I don't understand how, but he does). I have also seen people do well in Chaco's (or the off brand, which is pictured above on the left). Whatever shoes work for you to walk and stand in all day, that give your feet the right support, and don't give you blisters, those are the shoes to go with for a day at Disney!

5) Sunglasses (preferably cheap) 

It is almost always going to be sunny at some part of the day at Disneyland. Because of this, sunglasses are a must! I left mine at our friends house about an hour outside of Anaheim last time that we were there, so I insisted that I had to buy some at the CVS because I would not do well without them! I suggest cheaper sunglasses so if for some reason they get lost or broken, you aren't devastated to have lost/broken your fancy glasses.

6) Disney Clothes

This is less of a must, but I am a huge fan of wearing Disney attire when in the parks. Whatever clothes you do end up bringing with you, make sure that they are comfortable! I am all about wearing leggings/yoga pants to the park because of the comfort, as well as they dry fairly quickly if they get wet.

7) Mickey/Minnie Ears/ Hats

Again, the ears aren't a must (although they are awesome and way fun!), but I would say that hats are great in the parks. A lot of the time I will start the day wearing my Minnie Ears, but by the end of the day I have transitioned to a hat. They are comfortable (for the most part), they block your head and face from the sun, and they can hide a messy hairdo from all of the fun rides that have blown it around all day!

8) Powerbank and charging cords

These are a MUST! Especially if you are one to use your phone as your camera, use ride times apps, keep in touch with other members of you disney crew, etc. There are occasional places throughout the park that have "charging stations" and some fast food restaurants have outlets, but not many. These are great to have so that you can recharge your phone or camera batteries while still being able to party in the parks!

9) Light Jacket/Rain Coat

While it may be pretty hot during the day, being in the parks once the sun goes down can get a little chilly! I always pack a jacket with me when I go, usually a thinner jacket that can fold up pretty small in the my backpack. It is also good if that jacket has some water repellent properties in case it starts raining while you are in the parks. There are ponchos available to buy at various stores around the park, but already having a jacket makes things a little easier.

10) Blanket

This is actually something that I have never brought before, but I regret it every time that I don't when we want to watch the parades. We have tried saving our spots with jackets, but they don't work super great and can be moved a lot easier than blankets can by others trying to get spots as well. A blanket also always seems nicer to sit on while waiting and watching the parades. I would suggest using a cheap blanket because people do walk/ roll strollers over others blankets and they can get kind of dirty from that. If you fly to Cali, get one of the airline blankets to use!

That's my basic list of things to pack for your next Disney trip! Did I miss anything that you feel is essential to pack for your trip? Comment below with your Disney essentials, as well as if there is something about Disneyland that you would like me to post about! Thanks all!

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