Tuesday, April 25, 2017

What to do when you're hot and tired at Disneyland

Going to Disneyland at really anytime other than winter can call for some warm, or sweltering temperatures! During a long day on your feet, sometimes you need a break to rest your feet and get out of the sun. Here are a few tips on what to do when you're hot and tired at Disneyland:

1) Disneyland Railroad
While the railroad is closed right now as construction is being done on the upcoming Star Wars Land, it has been announced that it will be opening back up Summer 2017! The railroad is a great ride to go on that will allow you to rest your feet and is mostly in the shade! When you get to the station, you usually will be able to get on the next train that comes. The most that I have had to wait is for 2 trains, and there are benches in the station that if you don't get on the first train that comes, they will open up to wait for the next. The train has 4 stops around the park and you can get on and off at any of them. So if you just want to get to the other side of the park without walking, or want to take a complete tour around the park, the railroad is the ride for you!

2) Mark Twain Riverboat
This is another attraction that is currently closed due to Star Wars Land construction, but also will be opening back up in Summer 2017! But right now, the Riverboat is docked and you can still board it and hang out. Princess Tiana from Princess and the Frog also does Meet and Greets on the Riverboat throughout the day.

The Sailing Ship Columbia is similar to the Mark Twain Riverboat, except that right now you can't board the ship. But when the Rivers of America opens back up, both the Sailing Ship Columbia and Mark Twain Riverboat will be able to be boarded in the same area over by Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

3) Hyperion Theater
This is located in Hollywood Land (formerly known as the Hollywood Backlot) in DCA. Right now, Frozen is playing in the theater! I was skeptical about Frozen being adapted to the stage and really sad that Aladdin was leaving, but I was pleasantly surprised by it! It is a great show! It has multiple show times per day, so you can plan when you want to fit it into your day. The show runs about an hour, but you should get in line at least about a half hour (even sometimes an hour on crowded days) before showtime so that you can get a decent seat for the show. The wait beforehand may seem like a little much, but being able to sit in a cool building is sometimes just what you need on a long, hot day!

4) Animation Academy
Also located in Hollywood Land in DCA, Animation Academy is a great place to go on hot days! It is air conditioned, has a lot of places to sit, and it has great activities/attractions for both kids and adults! There are 4 different areas inside, which are Turtle Talk with Crush, Character Close-up, Sorcerer's Workshop, and the Animation Academy. In Turtle Talk, the kids get to sit in front of the "tank"and talk with Crush! It is awesome! In Character Close-Up, that is where the Elsa and Anna Meet and Greet is! In Sorcerer's Workshop, you can go into Beast's Library and find out which character you are! In Animation Academy, you can learn how to draw various Disney characters! There is a schedule posted just outside of what characters will be taught at what time throughout the day. 

5) The Enchanted Tiki Room
Located at the entrance of Adventureland, the Tiki Room is a show done by the funniest birds! I love to go when it is hot outside because I always get a Pineapple Dole Whip on my way in! The show runs all day long, about every 15-20 minutes. It's a great place to rest your feet and rejuvenate for the rest of your day at Disney!

6) Mickey and the Magical Map
This is an awesome show that is located at the back of Fantasyland, right across from the Fantasyland/Toontown Railroad Station. It has a running time of 22 minutes and runs every 1-2 hours (it varies day to day, so check the daily schedule on the Disneyland website for specific showtimes). There is plenty of seating, so you don't have to worry about not making the show if you get there right before showtime. I usually get a snack or lunch right before the show and eat it throughout the show. 

7) Storytelling at the Royal Theatre
I have actually never sat and watched a show here, but I have walked past quite a few times when a show has been running. It is an open-air theater located on the edge of Fantasyland at the front of the castle, past the entrance to Frontierland. The stories that are told are Tangled and Beauty and the Beast. I am going to make it a point to stop by and see a show the next time we visit the park!

8) The Golden Horseshoe
This old-timey saloon style restaurant is located in Frontierland across from where the Mark Twain Riverboat and Sailing Ship Colombia dock on the Rivers of America. It serves some fast food including chicken nuggets, fish and chips, mozzarella sticks, and chili, but it is mostly well-known for its delicious ice cream! It is an air conditioned restaurant and has a ton of seating inside. Every so often, there is a show that is put on inside the restaurant on stage that is way fun and has audience participation!

9) It's Tough to be a Bug
Located just inside the entrance of Bug's Land in DCA (right next to Cars Land), this is a 3D Movie experience that is fun for the whole family! Similar to "Honey, I Shrunk the Audience" that used to be in Disneyland's Tomorrowland, It's Tough to be a Bug is interactive throughout the whole theater. You are equipped with your own "bug eyes" so that you can see just what it is like to be a bug! Led by your host Flik, you get to see a variety of bugs in their "natural habitat". It does have some dark and loud parts, so if that isn't your little one's favorite, maybe wait until your next trip to experience this. The theater never fills up, so you are certain to get a seat whenever you go!

10) Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln
This is a less known attraction in Disneyland to visitors of a younger generation, but I remember when I was younger, my dad made us go in to watch this because it was his favorite thing when he was little! It was the first animatronic attraction at Disneyland, which my dad remembers being so amazing because Lincoln looks so lifelike! It is also cool to note that Walt Disney was fascinated with Abraham Lincoln's life, which is why he made the attraction, first for the New York World Fair, and then having it relocated to Main Street in Disneyland.

Well, that concludes my much longer than expected Hot and Tired in Disneyland post! I love sharing what I have learned about Disneyland with others and giving advice to future park goers! Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions about what I should blog on next!

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