Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dear Boys 9

Dear Crush since 7th Grade,

First, your new nickname is Crunch Wrap. 
Second, spending more time with you has made me realize how adorable you really are. But I can't like you. 
I can't. 
Lets just be best friends. Done.


Dear Dishes,

I am jealous of your Spring Break adventures. You better tell me all about it on Monday :)


Dear That Kid,

I guess we are just friends. 
And I guess that I am gonna have to be ok with that.


Dear Hank,

I'm working on the roots. Well, at least I am trying to. But it's hard. 
It would be so much easier if you were closer.

Your Utah Girl

Dear Pneumonia,

What are your intentions here? Cause like I said before, you are very good at flattering women. So now, I'm just a little weary of the situation here. We can still be bros though!


Dear Obi-Wan,

I hope that you are doing alright. I am praying for you everyday. I know that you are an amazing missionary and that you have so many people here that love you and support you. You can do it!

Darth Vader

Dear Breast Friend,

A letter would be nice. If I don't get one tomorrow, I'm writing you again to yell at you. Jk Jk Jk! But I will tell you that I am a tiny bit disappointed I haven't gotten a letter yet. 
I miss you everyday. 

Tight Like Unto A Dish

Dear Britain,

I hate that you have taken over and made it so I can't come and visit the girls. I hate it. Plain and simple.


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