Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dear Boys 8

Last week was a nightmare. 3 exams within 26 hours of each other. So, blog was not a priority.

Dear Jabberwocky,

I'm not interested in you. We were assigned to be partners, so it wasn't my choice.
So, just to clarify again, I'm not interested. At All.


Dear Pneumonia,

Don't die, K? Dying would be bad.
You are great for an ego boost every now and then. I should probably keep you around for a bit longer :)


Dear Pops,

Thanks for signing me up for the MUSS! I'm pretty sure the server at school crashed, so you doing it was for sure the best option :) Love you!!

Daughter :)

Dear That Kid,

Why did you bring her? Why has everything changed since that day?
I just want to be friends and talk all the time again. I miss that.

Becca (aka FB Stalker)

Dear Chem Buddy,

You need a new nickname...How about Dishes? Yep, that sounds good :)
You get more attractive to me every time I see you I think.
Let's be best friends, K? :)


Dear Breast Friend,

I miss you. A TON.
But I'm a little disappointed. You don't even write your best friend to tell her that you have been sent to Washington until you get your visa. Rude.
You should write me back. Soon.

Tight Like Unto A Dish

Dear Brother,

GET BETTER! It's Prom on Saturday and you can't be sick! That would not be good pal!


Dear Pancake,

When are we gonna do this? I want some of your homemade, from scratch, pancakes.
Also, your plan to become James Bond is going quite beautifully :)
*hey now, that is totally your new nickname!*


Dear USU,

Should I be interested in you? Cause I'm pretty sure that you just think I'm a freak. But Pneumonia says that you don't. But he is also very good at flattering women. So who knows.


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