Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bees Game!

So, I completed something on my Summer Bucket List! Woohoo!!

Since my Dad was a delegate, we got free tickets from the Orrin Hatch Campaign to go to a Bees Game! 

It was a blast, except for it was the day after Michael's graduation, meaning that the night (and morning) before, Mom and I were up till 6am helping with the All-Night Grad Party! So, we were still a little out of it!
As you can see, Michael was also a little out of it ;)

Em and Jess came with us too!

The Fam!

Crazy Sisters :)

Love her!

Ice Cream!!

Basically my favorite part of the whole game :)

Alright, so I also went to a Drive In Movie with my good friend Elliott, but I forgot to take pictures :( 
So I guess that means that I am gonna just have to go again!
Ah darn ;)

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