Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sleep Schedule

Well, it's 1:31am and I am wide awake.
My sleep schedule is way messed up lately.
I went to the drive in last night and didn't get home and in bed till around 3am.
I will post about that tomorrow.
Then I was supposed to study chem with my friend Kara this morning at 10 but I woke up at 9:30, so I hurried and showered then went over and studied....for 6 hours straight. 
It was intense. 
With breakfast burritos.
But now, my body is exhausted and if I went downstairs and actually tried to go to sleep I probably would.
But I'm lazy and that takes me walking down the stairs...
Also, my mind would stop thinking about the predicaments that I find myself in at the moment. 
Now it is 1:35am....
I used to have a twitter account that would entertain me and let me ramble on at all hours of the night.
But then I got rid of it. Cause the world is a filthy place. 
And while there were some great things on twitter, like the church accounts and such, they were few and far between. 
I mean, I didn't follow any bad accounts, but when some people would "retweet" things with foul language and nasty connotations, I would cringe. 
So I finally just deleted it. 
And it felt glorious. 
But now I find myself awake with nothing to do and a million things running through my mind. 
Now my head hurts, which probably means it really is time for me to suck it up and go to bed. 
Night bloggies! 

This has been a late night post brought to you by: the inner workings of my brain cells :)

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