Thursday, September 27, 2012

BYU 21 Utah 24

This post is a little delayed, but I had a huge test this week, so I have been a bit delayed on some things.

So a few weeks ago what Homcoming/Rivalry Week! Which means all sorts of goodness on campus!
Here are a few pics from the week, and then a bunch from the Rivalry Game!

Helping the Student Alumni Board with the House Decorating Contest

Yeah, They got first place :)

At the Crimson Rally

I would have gotten more pics of the fireworks and such, but my camera died.
Sad day, I know.

So this was like 8 hours before the game even started....I was a bit excited!

My amazing friend Kara and her fiance' Jordan

Kara and I before the game started

Go Utes!
(notice the ultimate photo bomber behind us. I gave her major props after this was taken.)

The Team

The Band and Crimson Line

The Band

The Band

The Team running out of the tunnel

The Band spelling Utah


The BYU and Utah combined Bands and Dancers

The Tunnel

So, as you might know, this part of the game, the end, was a bit controversial. And I will tell you, I rushed the field. All 3 Times. Do I feel guilty? No. Could we have lost the game because of this? Maybe. Did we lose? No. 

Here is my explanation of why I rushed the field.
I have close enough seats that I was able to get onto the field the first time we thought the game was over. The Players and Coaches rushed the field before any of the students did, so we were just following them. 

Kara and Jordan on the field :)

This was the 2nd time we rushed the field. This time, I didn't even see the field goal attempt that was blocked because I was so crammed in the middle of people much taller than me that I had no idea what was going on. So when people started running to rush the field the second time, I went as well so that I wouldn't die. 

The refs reviewing the play

This was the 3rd and final time that we won the game! 

The blurry mass of people on the field

The winning score! :)

3rd times the charm!


The semi-empty MUSS stands

One of the players

As we were leaving the game, we walked behind Crazy Lady and so I yelled to her and got a picture :)
My goal is to be like her some day! The Ultimate Utah Fan!

The Trax train after the game!

That game was the loudest, craziest, most fun Utah game that I have ever been to! It was great because I got to stand by some of my best friends, it was a pretty intense 4th Quarter, and we pulled out a 3rd consecutive win! I have never yelled that loud at a game, and even 2 weeks later, I am still feeling the effects in my airways. That is the sign that it was a great game! :)

I just love my school and our football team! I am a Ute and will never change!

A Utah Man Am I! 


  1. hahahaha i loved everything about this post!! the photo bomber,,, is literally bomb!! hahahaha and i loved how you said, "i just followed so I wouldn't die" hahaha i would've done the same thing...

    GO UTES!


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