Saturday, January 5, 2013


First of all, the title of this post is courtesy of Elise. No, I did not know how to spell it before she posted it.

So I have lots of thoughts as of late and just thought I would share.

First, check out my Follow Me buttons over on the left side there. I finally figured out how to get them on here, and I'm pretty proud of myself.

Second, I made a new FB page for my blog! The FB button links over to it, so feel free to "Like" it! Also, I got a twitter account again (hence the twitter button), mostly to follow the LDS accounts, as well as my blogger buds! 

Third, I might die this semester. I am taking Advanced Anatomy, among some other tough classes as well. I have heard that Advanced is probably one of the hardest, if not hardest, classes available at the U. And I'm taking it for fun. Cause I'm an idiot. 

Fourth, I am in the process of applying for nursing school. But I keep putting it off and finding other things to do instead of work on my application. Cause I'm a slacker, slash terrified of growing up. 
Also, I am kind of scared that I probably won't get in this year. Reason is, they look very highly at clinical experience, and I have like none except for my clinical hours for my CNA certification. Which leads me to...

Fifth, I need to get a job. I need money for various reasons, as well as getting experience in the health care field. But, I also don't really want to work at a nursing home and change briefs all day. So that's a dilemma.

Sixth, I haven't really made any new years resolutions because once I do, I always get so discouraged because I feel like I am failing. So, I think this year I am just going to make "decisions" of how I want to better my life. And if I slip up, it is totally ok and I can just start again the next day!

Seventh, this post is probably getting a bit long, so enjoy a pic from my recent family vacation on a cruise to Mexico! 

Photo taken at Lover's Beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
No editing has been done to this photo. It was really just that gorgeous!

*Disneyland and Cruise post (s) to come later*

Happy Weekend Bleeps! (Blogger Peeps) ;)


  1. becca, robbie is a cna at the u i will ask him if he knows of any open positions for you if you want!!

    1. Ok Cool :) Thanks! Also, I think he is in my Medical Microbiology class!

  2. Yay, Smorgassdfkajsldkfjaoew that I still can't spell without looking it up or copying and pasting it so I can get the special weirdie characters.


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