Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Have a Super Sparkly Day!

So, I love that commercial. It cracks me up every time. If you haven't seen it and don't know what I'm talking about, watch it here. Seriously, just finding that video to link to and I was giggling :)

Do you ever have those days where they are just great all the way through, no matter what? 
No matter what is thrown at you or is put in your path, nothing can get you down? 

Well, today my friends, is one of those days :)

It started with waking up from a wonderful dream and I was already smiling.
Then, after family scripture study, I decided that sleeping sounded better than showering. 
So I slept for a bit longer. 
As I got up, I decided that I didn't care if I didn't look super great or professional. 
I was all about comfy today. 
I put my hair on top of my head and a sparkly, sequin headband on.

I wore sweats instead of jeans.
I then went to the trax station and road trax to school with a good friend (who is also good looking!).
I got to class early and could just chill for a bit. 
The class content included a lot that I had already learned from my CNA course. 
So I didn't have to access a lot of brain power.
Then Institute class was super great and spiritual, as always.
Especially cause I have it with Whit!
There were free cookies and milk and chips and salsa at the institute!
The above statement then made Whit and I super hyper.
Also Whit's lack of sleep contributed ;)
We hung out at the 'tute with a guy from our class and laughed hysterically.
I go out to ride trax home and the same good looking friend is at the station! 
At home, I submitted my Nursing School Application! Eeek!
Now, John Schmidt and Steven Sharp Nelson (aka Piano Guys) is playing in the background.

Great day?? Yes :)

So, I wish you all to have a Super Sparkly Day! I know mine is :)


  1. haha I am so glad you introduced that commercial into my life! Oh sparkles.

  2. That commercial. Oh goodness.

    And the days of not caring how you look are the best.


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