Saturday, February 2, 2013

January Jumble Jamboree!

School is crazy, so I don't post. I'm sure if I prioritized my time better it could happen more often, but I have yet to perfect that skill. 

Alas, here is a look-back at my month of January.
Week 1:
~New Years with the Parents

~Cleaning up Christmas Decor at home and the Institute
~Dentist Appointment=No Cavities!
~Stake Conference

Week 2:
~School Started
~Bagels at the Institute
~Went down to Orem to have Dad set up a computer for Brother
~Electronic Interview for Nursing School Application
~CES Fireside with Pres. Uchtdorf and my Bro in the Choir

Week 3:
~Picked Up 40 Dozen Donuts for the SOP Day of Institute LDSSA Week
~Finished and Submitted my Nursing School Application
~Learned how to organize/Update house/played with an adorable baby at a Relief Society Activity
~Had my first Advanced Anatomy Lab
~Worked at the airport as a Greeter for Diamond Limousine for Sundance
~Saw Jane Lynch at the Airport
~Went to the Red Rocks Gymnastics Meet with Muffin/Lisa Johnson
~Headed up to my Cabin above Oakley after church

Week 4:
~Spend MLK Jr. Day up at the Cabin- riding snowmobiles, putting together 550+ piece puzzles, finding out-houses and playing in the snow

 ~Made Cupcakes
~Took an incredibly tough Skull Quiz in Advanced Anatomy Lab
~Brother's Mission Call came on Thursday instead of Wednesday  
~Found out Elder Michael Fotheringham will be serving the Lord for 2 years in the New York New York North Mission, preaching the Gospel in American Sign Language, entering the Provo MTC on June 26th, 2013
~So Proud of my Little Brother and am grateful for the example that he is to me everyday
~Went to Dinner with the Fam in celebration of Michael's Mission Call
~Went Visiting Teaching

Week 5:
~Exams on Monday and Thursday
~Studied for days
~Got home from school on Tuesday at 10:50pm
~Slept over at Kara's House on her couch Wednesday Night
~Wanted to drop Advanced Anatomy
~Played with a Skull for a total of 4 hours in TA lab hours

First 2 days of February:
~Watched the Copper Hills Azurettes Sweep the State Drill Competition at UVU
~Watched a movie at Whit's house, then stayed for 2 hours after everyone left, the majority of the time spent laughing
~Now sitting on my couch, avoiding homework that I really need to do
~Tonight going to an LDSSA retreat at Camp Tracey

And the majority of all of this happened while trying to make my way through freezing temperatures, blizzards, slushy roads and sidewalks, and the one weird day of freezing rain!

I am now ready for a Fantastic February! 
It's my birthday month! Woohoo!

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  1. I envy your drive for education. I always thought I was driven when it came to school, but I should be more like you!!! Look at you go Becca :) You are doing really great things and I know it will all pay off in the end! Can't wait for a February update!! Good luck with school :)


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