Saturday, March 9, 2013

Fabulous February Feats

9 days in to March is a great time to do a February Review right??

Week 1:
Had an intense Skull Practical Exam that I rocked!
Helped make and eat breakfast for a great friend leaving on a mission
Went to a middle school friend's wedding reception

Week 2:
A good friend bought me Cafe Rio for lunch! *Greatest food EVER*
Made Pink Pancakes for the students at the University of Utah LDS Institute of Religion
Spent the 1st part of Valentines evening with Cadavers in the Anatomy Lab *So Romantic*
Went with Whit and Chantel to Iceburg for Ice Cream on Valentines Day!
First week of UFIT!!
Used my Mirror as a Whiteboard

Week 3:
Stuffed my face with Pizza and Delight for mine and Dad's Birthday Dinner
Wanted to die from all the food I ate (see above)
Dad's Birthday!
Longest Midterm of my Life...3 hours
Called some strangers for LDSSA :)
Went to Logan with Kara, ate Aggie Ice Cream, Visited my good friend Elise, Hung out with my 5 year old best friend,  and had a massive movie night with my good friend Muffin all for my 21st Birthday!!

Turned 21!
Went to Stake Women's Conference and was enriched with spiritual goodness :)
More than doubled my blog followers, all thanks to the lovely Brooklyn and her awesome giveaway!

Week 4:
Studied for 2 other exams
Saw my awesome cousin Lizzie and her mom Carrie Ann at school
Went to the Salt Lake Temple for the first time doing Baptisms

February was full of studying and more studying, with a few adventures scattered in here and there.
I'm excited for the rest of March and April, despite all the studying that again will have to be done.
But for now, I shall enjoy my Spring Break :)

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