Sunday, March 10, 2013

Going to the RODEO!

I am one of the three Assistant Young Women's Girl Camp Directors in my ward, (cause let's be honest, I still don't wanna grow up and go to the single's ward) and this year our theme for camp is 
"Going to the RODEO",
with RODEO standing for Respecting Ourselves, Deserving Excellence, Obeying (the Lord). 

Everything at camp is going to be a Cowgirl/Western-type theme.

I have been assigned to start thinking of ideas for crafts and service projects that the girls can do while up at camp. 
I have a feeling that Pinterest could be a great resource in this situation! 

Do you have any awesome ideas on crafts we could do, and especially on some fun service projects? 
Please share your wisdom if you do! It would be much appreciated! 


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