Monday, July 1, 2013

MGM: 3 Blogs that I LOVE

This week for Brooklyn's #MakingGoodMondays challenge, we are to highlight 3 bloggers that we love, are inspired by, etc.

I first found Elise's blog through a link-up that she hosts called "Dear Boys". I blog stalked her for a bit and entered a few giveaways that she was doing. Then, I won Free Ad Space for one of her sponsors! Problem was, I had no idea how to make an Ad or what the heck I was doing. So, Elise kindly made an Ad for me! Then we started emailing back and forth and finally decided that we needed to meet in real life. So, she set up a blogger meet-up last summer in South Jordan, Utah and we have been real-life friends ever since! In fact, I hung out with her just this past weekend at Tville Dayzz! (more on that later) So, not only is she a fabulous blogger, she is an amazing friend!


I first met Elisabeth at the blogger-meet up mentioned above. Ever since then, I have loved reading about her life and am constantly inspired by the words that she has to say! She is one of the sweetest girls I know and I think she "likes" and "favorites" just about everything I post on Instagram and Twitter! Love love love this girl!


I have actually never met Nichelle in real-life before. She is Elise's best friend and we have tried to plan a time to meet, but it just hasn't happened yet. She is an amazing blogger. While she has every reason to be negative about life, she is always seeing the good in situations and always brings out the positive. She is a great example of pressing forward through trials and afflictions that come your way and I have loved being able to read her "storybook of silver linings" :) Hopefully someday we can be real-life friends!

Runner's Up:

Thanks to all the Bloggers that make me want to live a better life! :)

This Little Blonde

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  1. Love all of those blogs! I have met all three in real life and they are all super great girls. Talk about surrounding yourself with greatness. Their blogs always make me feel better about myself :)


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