Thursday, July 25, 2013

Let's Be Real

A few days ago, I was having a conversation with my friend about technology and the internet. The conversation basically ended with this friend saying, "the internet isn't real. No one is who they actually are online." 

This struck me. Am I my true self when I'm online? I think I try to be, but now thinking more about it, I definitely try to make my life seem better than it truly it sometimes. That I am happier than I really am. That I don't have a lot of problems. 

But to be real, life isn't always so hunky-dory that I try to make it seem like it is. While I try to find the positive in situations, life is hard. Really hard. 

To be real, I'm not very happy about how this summer has overall turned out.
To be real, I don't like it when things don't go like I planned them to.
To be real, I am getting sick and tired of receiving one rejection email after another about jobs I've applied for.

To be real, I hate getting up in the morning to go running.
To be real, I haven't gone running in the past 3 weeks.
To be real, I crave cookies, chocolate, and ice cream daily, but tell myself I can't have them because I've slacked on running.

To be real, I can't wait for school to start just so that I can feel like I am back in society. 
To be real, I love reading, but already being on my 8th book of the summer is a little ridiculous.

To be real, I am super scared of change, but need a change desperately in my life right now.
To be real, I'm not super happy with how my life is going right now.

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