Wednesday, November 4, 2015

August 15th, 2015, aka the Start of Our Forever, part 2

Our sealing ceremony was beautiful! Ah I still think about it, with our family all around us, seeing Cam and I being sealed for time and all eternity! *To learn about LDS Temples and more about what a "sealing" is, go here*

After the ceremony, Cam and I went back to our dressing rooms to get into his suit and my dress. My mom and sister came with me to help me into my wedding dress and to touch up my hair. They then went outside to wait for the big reveal! Cam was then waiting outside my dressing room to see me.

Cam and I decided that we weren't going to have him see my dress at all before that moment, so I was pretty excited to see his reaction. It was pretty awesome! Man, I love that boy!

My grandpa opened the big gold doors. We walked out in the sunlight to cheers! It was just like I had imagined. Our family and friends were all there to celebrate our marriage and I couldn't have been happier and more grateful for all of the love and support!

We walked out and didn't really know what to then our photographers and videographers told us to kiss, which we were plenty happy to do! Cam went in for the kiss, and may have gotten a little carried away with it, if ya know what I mean ;) But hey, I wasn't complaining!

We took pictures at the back of the temple, then headed around to the front steps to take our group pictures. It was really hot that day, which was kinda rough, but hey, at least it wasn't raining!

After the group pictures, Cam and I went around with our photo/videographers to take more pictures together. It was hot and long, but it was awesome. Here is one of my favorites, just because it was so random and unique!

We were laughing pretty much the entire time. We would try to take a serious picture and I couldn't keep a straight face! I couldn't stop smiling and giggling and looking at Cam!

After what felt like a lifetime in the beating sun, we were done taking pictures. We started heading back to the doors at the temple and my mom was there waiting for us to make sure that I could get changed out of my dress ok! Ah she is the best!

We got all changed into our "street clothes" and headed to the luncheon, where the rest of our family had already gone to while we were taking pictures. I was starving and so ready to chow down on some Chick-fil-a! And it was delicious for sure! Cam and I are all about their chicken strips and nuggets, so what else would Cam and I choose for our luncheon??

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