Monday, May 23, 2011

Good Weekend You Ask?

This weekend I had my last solo competition of the year. It was at Taylorsville High School. My solo competition a couple weeks ago at Kearns was a little disappointing, so I was determined to kill it this time. One hard thing about it was that I was competing against one of my really good friends and use-to-be teammate, Jill Hodson. The good thing about that though was that she was before me and I love jamming out to her solo! It is so much fun to watch and she has so much fun doing it! And if I had to compete and lose to anyone, I would want it to be Jill. Anyways, everything was going pretty well, Alley had done all of my makeup and glitter and stuff, and I was just warming up and stuff, when I found out that the competition was 20 minutes ahead of schedule, that I was on in only a couple minutes. Crazy thing is, I didn't really get nervous like I usually do. I just didn't care that much, which was awesome! :) We both had great performances, then got kind of screwed over by the judges, but oh well! Also, my sister and brother-in-law both got there in time to see me dance which was really awesome of them! Anyways, here is a picture of Jill and I with our trophies :)

On Saturday, I got to sleep in! It was awesome! Then, Emily and JoJo came over and hung out like all day! It was super fun! 

This is JoJo :) Ha ha in this picture she looks like a demon dog, and she kinda was this weekend, but she is usually as cute as can be :) 

After hangin out at our house for the afternoon, Emily, Michael, and I took JoJo on a walk around Daybreak Lake. That was super fun :) I love Daybreak Lake and I hope that I can go a lot more this summer! Then after the walk, we went back to Emily and Jesse's apartment and watched Iron Man 2 because I had never seen it and when I went and saw Thor with Matt, he was telling me how it connects with Iron Man 2 and how they are all going to join and form the Avengers, so I figured I probably should see it :)  After that, we were all getting pretty hungry, so we came back to our house and made a campfire and cooked hot dogs over the fire. It was pretty awesome :) Then, I tried to find smores stuff, and I thought I had, but the regular marshmallows were as hard as a rock and the graham crackers that we had were old and tasted like cardboard! Yuck! Then, my mom and I had gone shopping and we saw chocolate marshmallows, so I thought that we should at least try them and see if they were any good roasted. So we tried them......and they were so weird tasting! Ha ha it wasn't that they were super gross, but they definitely weren't normal....Ha ha ha :) Well, this is Emily trying to eat one of the chocolate 'mallows.... ;)

She got a little messy...and she blinked.... Ha ha ;)

Then on Sunday, it was Anthony Nixon's farewell. That was really awesome! The spirit was super strong as he spoke. Then, all of the priesthood holders in his ward, as well as a bunch of our guy friends, all went up onto the stand and sang "Called to Serve." The stand was so full of all the priesthood holders and it was just really amazing to see and to listen to! Then after his ward was over, we all went over to his house and had some delicious food and chatted as friends :) It was really good to talk to a bunch of them, especially to Ashley Gray and to here of all of her fabulous adventures that she is having, like going rock climbing! It sounds like so much fun! 

Anyways, this weekend was pretty fantastic to say the least, even if Jill and I got shafted by the judges. We still had fun, and that is what matters the most :) 

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