Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Not Just Another Valentine's Day Post

I'm sure you have all seen a bunch of stuff on Facebook and Twitter and the like about Valentine's Day and flowers that guys surprised their girl with, yada yada yada. Well, last year I ranted about why I hate the holiday in this post. I don't feel the need to rant again about it, so I won't.

Instead, I never really did a New Years Resolutions post at the beginning of the year. So I will now!

I haven't ever really liked making New Years Resolutions before because I never end up following through with them. SO, I figured this year, if I make a few goals starting in February, maybe I will follow through. So here it goes :)

1~Go to the temple at least once a month, but striving for more
2~Figure out a work out routine and stick to it
3~(Going along with #2) Get a 6-pack (abs, not cans of soda ;) )
4~Keep up with my school work/don't procrastinate to the last minute
5~Talk to new people/make more new friends
6~Cut down on TV and Internet usage (like Facebook and Twitter)
7~Learn to cook
8~Find a job that can give me clinical experience for my future career
9~Live on my own

These aren't in any particular order, (though #1 is probably the most important one), but I hope to be able to achieve most, if not all, by the end of the year!

On a totally random other subject, I love this song. And you all should too ;) Jk, you don't have to, but I bet if you listen to it, you will love it too!

This song helps me to keep going a lot of the time. It is so inspiring and reminds me that I'm not alone. The Savior walked on the water and with faith, I can too in my own way! 

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