Thursday, May 23, 2013

7 Days of No-Negativity Challenge

A few weeks ago, Brooklyn sent out a request on twitter for bloggers that wanted to participate in an experiment. This girl is one of the sweetest girls I know, and in reality I haven't even met her in real life! (That is changing next week though! So excited!) So, of course I was in!

The experiment was to see if we could go 7 days without saying anything negative. Now, I know that I am not perfect, but I tend to think that I pretty much say only positive things most of the time. It is my thoughts that tend to be on the negative side, especially about myself or judging other people.

She sent us a cute little bracelet to put together and then wear everyday to remind us to be positive. 

Brooklyn told us to keep a log of when we slip up and the situations that cause us to be negative. So, I not only kept track of negative things I said, but also negative things that I thought. I was very surprised what brought about the negativity in my life. 

The main things that caused me to have negative thoughts and somethings say negative things were:

1. Self-image/Self-esteem/Self-regret. I didn't realize really before now how many times I can put myself down! And it is helping no one! That is really one thing that I definitely need to work on!

2. A certain person in my life. While I won't be super specific, I realized that I am not a very happy person when this certain individual is around and interacting with me. It makes me kind of sad because this person is my friend and I have had some great experiences with them, but I now know that something definitely has to change, either in my attitude or how we interact. 

3. Body pains. I realized that I tend to complain a lot when I am in pain. This week I have been trying to really push myself to get myself into a regular exercising routine, which means that I have been pretty sore all week. And that has caused me to complain. I definitely didn't complain as much as I would have, but I still did. 

Now, even though the experiment is over, I am still wearing the bracelet and will try to each day to remind me to stay positive and to only say and think positive things :) 

Thanks Brooklyn for the great experience! 


  1. LOVE this! I was amazed how often I complained out of pure boredom to fill silences haha. So glad I had friends to do this challenge with me! Thanks for participating!

    1. Ah I loved it actually! I am still wearing the bracelet all the time and it has been helping! Thanks so much for the idea! :) Love ya!

  2. Cute blog! Just started following. I love your perspective on this experiment. Love hearing I am not alone in these thoughts about self esteem and being critical.

    1. Oh thanks! You are definitely not alone! And while I am getting better because I have become more aware that I do it, I still have a long long way to go!

  3. found you through brooklyn's "making good mondays" link up! your blog is so cute! it is so interesting to see how many negative thoughts we actually think or say each day when you are aware and paying attention. i know i can definitely do a better job at being more positive :)


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