Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Start of a New Wave, pt. 2

Remember this post 2 years ago?

All of my friends were just leaving on their missions. 
Now, a new wave is starting again! They are coming home!
Last night, Tommy came home from Ukraine!

2 years has gone by a lot faster than I thought it would! 
Within the next few months, most of my guy friends from high school will be home! 

Welcome Home Tommy! Let the Utah/BYU smack talk begin! ;)


  1. Cute boy!!! :) haha Yay for missionaries coming home!! :)

  2. They actually come home? haha. So fun! I'm so happy all your friends are coming home! :)

  3. He looks SO good!! :) Can't believe they're all starting to come home. YAY!! :)


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