Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Healthy Life

I have decided that I need to live a healthier life. 
While my life isn't terribly unhealthy, which is a large part due to my mom and her health-consciousness, I could definitely be better. 

I have been inspired by my cousin, Morgan. She is so motivated to "Be Healthy" and always seems to stay on track. She told me today that what got her the most motivated was not thinking "skinny" (which she already is anyways), but that she thought "healthy" instead. 

So, today I start to be healthier. Today I challenge myself to get out of bed each morning to just MOVE in some way. Today, I want to be able to not feel guilty when I eat ice cream.

Today, I want to be a better me. 

To start off today, I actually made my lunch instead of just sticking something from the freezer into the microwave. 

Turkey, Ham, Cheese, and Lettuce Wrap on a Spinach and Herb Tortilla
Fruit and Light&Fit Yogurt
Crystal Light Rasberry Lemonade

This lunch with Delish! And very filling too! 

So, blogger peeps, I don't cook very much. Not that I don't want to, I just don't have very many ideas and I'm all about quick and easy. If you have any quick and easy AND healthy recipes, please send them to me! I would be super grateful! My email is

I invite anyone to join me on my quest to live a healthier life! We can send each other encouraging and motivating messages and all that jazz :) If you want to join me, email me as well!

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