Monday, June 10, 2013

MGM: Give Someone an Hour

This week's challenge for "Making Good Mondays" was to give someone an hour of your time, with no distractions from technology or anything whatsoever. 

On Saturday, my brother was getting his mission pictures taken by our awesome cousin Morgan. We decided to make it a family trip downtown, with my parents, brother, sister and brother-in-law. We all dressed up so that we could get a family picture as well, and then we went out to dinner after the pictures were all taken. To see the pictures, they are up on Morgan's blog here :)

Because I am so lucky and don't have a smart phone, and there is no wifi on temple square, this challenge wasn't super hard for me. I was invited to go with some friends to a Bees game that night, but I spent it with my family instead :) We were able to hang out by the Salt Lake Temple, which is just a wonderful atmosphere to be in, and then we went to dinner at a place by the Gateway Mall called Biaggi's! It was like a fancier Olive Garden and so so delicious! 

I was grateful I was able to spend this time with my family, especially my sister and brother-in-law cause I don't get to see them super often, and my brother because he goes into the MTC on June 26th! 

Happy Monday! :)

This Little Blonde


  1. Hey! I get married that day!! It's coming up quick!!

  2. I love this! So exciting for your brother! :) Thanks again for linking up, you are great!!

  3. Okay I had NO IDEA you had a sister! But that's so cool! I love family time, especially at such a great place :)


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