Monday, June 3, 2013


Last week, Brooklyn started a new linkup called "Making Good Mondays". This week's challenge was to write a letter to someone you have been thinking about. 

Well, I am super bad at writing handwritten letters. Probably because I have already developed what is most lovingly referred to as "Medical Handwriting." Basically, my handwriting is not the prettiest.

Because of this, the new policy that friends can also now use email to write to missionaries is one of the greatest things ever! I am all about emailing, especially when sending an actual letter takes over 2 weeks to get to it's destination. 

This new policy has also started what I call #MissionaryMailMondays! Yes, it is a hashtag. Yes, I use it multiple times on twitter. Yes, it's a thing now :)

#MissionaryMailMondays has also now caused me to check my email about every 5 minutes on Mondays. I'm sure there is someone that works for Yahoo! that monitors things like the number of refreshes on a page that thinks I am some sort of crazy person. Nope, just waiting with baited breath for a few emails from people all over the world. That's all :)

I love being able to hear from my friends that are serving the Lord on a regular basis. It is so fun to hear about all of their experiences and adventures as a missionary :) I am so glad to have such wonderful friends and what an amazing example they are to me! I am so so grateful for them and their sacrifice :) Mexico, Brazil, Paraguay, and so many more, you are all very lucky to have such amazing individuals in your presence :)

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  1. Elisabeth and I used to use #missionaryobsession on Twitter sometimes. You should check it out haha. I love this. I love missionaries. Thanks so much for linking up girl!


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