Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hike the U and Ensign Peak

2 things off of the Summer Bucket List checked off! :)

On Tuesday night, Dad picked me up from school and we drove over to the base of the U on the mountain! It wasn't too big of a hike, but it was still fun! 

"Hiking" up to the U

Go Utes! :)


Utah Girl for Life :)

Dad: "Now look into the sunset!"
Me: "Ok Dad...ha ha ha"

The City

My School!

At the Top

Cool Kids :)

Then, we drove over to the base of Ensign Peak!
That was more of a hike than the U, which was really fun :)

On the way up to Ensign Peak!

Sunset :)

The Temple!

Ensign Peak pillar!

More Temple :)

You can kind of see the U on the mountain in the middle of the pic. We were just there!

The City :)

The Capitol Building!

The Capitol and the Temple :)

Then, we decided to get ice cream on the way home, mainly because I hadn't really had any dinner yet so I was famished! 

Spending this week with just me and my awesome Dad has been a blast for sure! :)

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  1. HAHAHAHA I love the sunset one... that's hilarious. Totally something my mom would do!! HAhaha woohoo on hiking both :)


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