Monday, July 2, 2012

My Best Friend Abby :)

Meet my best friend/mini me Abby :)

I love this girl so much! 
So, our friendship started when I used to babysit her when she was little.
I also was in love with her cousin that lived in her basement. 
Then, I learned that she wanted to start clogging, which just made my heart happy.
So she did. And her feet have been flying ever since :)

We are kinda a little bit crazy together...
And there was a chocolate fountain, so we have chocolate on our faces :)
Every Sunday, she comes into my Primary class to say Hi before she goes to Senior Primary.
Yesterday, she wasn't at church. 
Cause she's in Alaska visiting her aunt. (The cousin I was in love with's mom)
It was super weird not seeing her!
One time a while back, Abby asked me if she could be a "flower girl" at my wedding. I then told her that I wouldn't get married for a while and that by the time I did, she would be old enough to be a bridesmaid :)
She is just about there! 
And we have discussed my far-in-the-future wedding plans and what food I have to have at my reception.
Because we both love food.
Hence the chocolate on our faces :)

Apparently I didn't get the memo...

After the Cottonwood High School Solo Competition, waiting for awards :)

At the Cottonwood Comp :)

Always dancing :) Girl after my own heart!

The cute clogging team! I love these girls so much :)

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  1. That's my high school!!! Seriously though, those blue lockers bring back so many memories. Also, I agree. Chocolate at weddings is a must.


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